About Scott Ralph


   Scott was born in NYC, to Swedish and Italian parents.  He became a world traveller at a very young age thanks to his parents, due to their busy lives and his Father’s international business ventures.

Having lived part time in several countries, his family then moved permanently to London when he was 12. He attended Millfield School then spent a year abroad in Moscow Russia. Throughout his life he has always kept his innate love of exploring the world including its different cultures and languages which reflects a lot in his photographic work. Scott is also fluent in 4 languages.

At University he was still unsure of his direction in life, like so many of us are at that stage, but knew it had to be something creative, thus he chose to do a double degree in Visual Communication and Media production. It was at University that he had to take several dark room and studio based photography classes as part of his credits. It was love at first sight, he had found his passion. Through his Professor Eric’s amazing take on teaching the subject, Scott was totally inspired and amazed by the ability of cameras to catch life’s moments and the creation of photographs in the dark room.

After leaving University, Scott spent the next two years heading up the business and development side of a photographic studio. Scott worked alongside two of his best friends, who were already incredibly accomplished photographers, studying them on as many shoots as he could so to build up his new skills at the same time. 

Having spent all his life to this point learning and studying, Scott was finally ready to spread his wings and go solo. For the past 9 years Scott has been successfully photographing for a very veried client base worldwide and his main goal at the moment is working on his stunning coffee table books, whilst doing shoots where he can in London and throughout the UK. 

These include a book on Africa, a historical photography book centering on a period of time he holds close to his heart, a book on his recent expedition to the Antarctic and a trilogy of world travel with a twist, set to be sponsored by a famous sunglass company. He is very proud of these and is looking forward to many more coming out soon!

Scott sees his future one day going back to his roots and using good old fashioned film and a dark room creating one of a kind works of art. While he is well travelled and an extremely accomplished photographer, Scott absorbs the world around him and all that it has to offer and is therefore still learning and growing every day. 

"Photography is truth and fantasy. It is the art of loving and feeling what you do. The camera in this is irrelevant, its having the true ability to photograph the beauty in what you see. When you photograph your passions in life you see very clearly".

Prev Clients

To name a few, Scott Ralph is proud to have worked for and with...


A fantastic, inspiring website dedicated to yoga and its many benefits to cancer patients and survivors, where you can purchase great  books and dvd's. 


A trendy family run coffee house / art gallery in Fulham Broadway. Offering an incredible range of perfectly made coffee's and pastries whilst serving a wide range of delicious brunch options in the settings of a contemporary art and photography gallery. Scott Ralph of Scott Ralph Studio is exhibiting here between March 25th and May 5th 2017. 

PoppyLondon-Beautiful Accessories and Clothing 

A fabulous collection of beautiful clothing and accessories sold online, at Harvey Nichols and many other places. 

The Lucky Pig Cocktail Bar 
A hip, trendy bar in the heart of Fitzrovia with a Prhibition era speaky easy flare. 

The website of multi talented Dr Jimmy Kwok, UK head of Oncology Services for HCA Hospitals UK. Promotor of yoga and author of upcoming book "Yoga for breast cancer survivors and patients". 

Center Stage Magazine

An amazing, inspiring new book coming out in April 2017, that I did the photography for. Featuring and teaching techniques on how to do yoga, specifically helping women who have cancer or are recovering from female cancers, in oder to have the maximum benefit without complicating their medical limitations. "Yoga for breast cancer survivors and patients" coming soon!! 

First Base 
Serviced offices, with legendary addresses all over london. 

Flawless Model Agency 
A Top Model Agency working nation wide and internationally.

Louisa Models Munich and Hamberg  
Top Model Agency based in Germany. 

Foundations UK Charity 
A charity dedicated to providing individuals and communities with the resources and skills they need to maximise their health and self-esteem. 

Square Mile Magazine
Lauren Neale, Commercial Director 

The Tonight show with Jay Leno 
Photo's shown on the show by Don Johnson,  from Africa book " If i am dreaming please don't pinch me ".

B. Simon

Melbury Capital 

Löfbergs Lila Coffee 
Founded in 1906 and is now one of the biggest coffee roasters in the Nordic region, also one of my favourites worldwide. 

Bella Fae Award Winning Burlesque  
Talented and kind, the wonderful Bella Fae, one of the top Burlesque dancers in the country. 

Draper Capital

Oxford Fashion Week  

London Fashion Week 

Stena Stål 
One of Sweden's largest producers of steel products. 

A British national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903.

A British daily middle-market tabloid newspaper, first published in 1896.

Numerous dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes 


Sr. Studio

SRStudio is a Photography Company I have founded and am setting up which offers photography for many large and small scale cooperate and private commissions around the UK also covering most of Europe, NYC and LA. More details to come soon.... 


Coming Soon...